Monday, 25 April 2011

::ADAT JOHOR::Nice to know babe!

Do u ever heard the word of Kenduri Yasinan? Maybe some of u especially johorian people well known about diz.. I believe that u guys who stay out of johor like Kay-Elle, Nogoghi sombilan, Kelate, Ganu kite or everywhere have no idea at all or maybe ever heard but dunno what it is. Actually it is one of the ‘adat’ in Johor, where there is a group of Muslim people (maybe women only) from the same neighborhood, regardless the age and body size, organize a kenduri at each house of the member at particular day; could be every saturday depend on their agreement. It takes about 2 hoursI dunno if it is also done in other negeri,maybe Malacca .Some said that this is bid’ah where some Muslims believe that diz amalan is sunnah Rasulullah. I have no comment about itFor those who know details and have evidence about this issue can leave and share ur comment wif me. 

Fyi, I am purely johorian which is Muarian. So, I am very very very familiar with diz kenduri yasinan. Moreover majority of my relatives are staying  in Johor.This kenduri would be held in my house evey year since my childhood okey  as my mom  is so actively involve in this group of yasinan. I can see that she really enjoy it from her 'waterface'. Let me tell u what happen during this kenduri. The aturcara is basically as below:
  1. The guest house gather at the particular house. 
  2. Chating and ‘bertanya kabar’ session while waiting for the rest to come
  3. Surah yasin recitation. Usually once only.The yasin recitation disedekahkan to the host’s relative who already came to rahmatullah.
  4. Selawat to Nabi Muhammad SAW recitation; also known as marhaban. Goody bag could be distributed to the guest house at the same time.
  5. The host give a feast to the guest (Jamuan makan). This is the most awaiting session!!!
  6. Announcement for the next house for kenduri yasinan before beredar

For me, this adat has many advantages:
  • Get the relationship (ukhuwah) among Muslims closer as they meet more frequent
  • Get the relationship among our relatives closer as the host’s  relatives also invited to come
  • Get the pahala for attending the majlis agama itself, for surah yasin recitation, and for sedekah the makanan to the guest.
  • Get the jodoh. Maybe the makcik2 accidently like u to be their menantu.haha.just kidding!
Guys, actually the kenduri yasinan just be held in my house on last Saturday night; 23rd April 2011. Ish, it clash wif AF concert plak.huhu.So, we have to wait until all the guests balek only we could watch it.Nevermind laaa bcoz the ulangan in astro got everyday wut? I have attached a few photos taken during the kenduri.
This bunga telur is one of the stuff in our goody bag. Actually this is extra  bunga
telur from my sis wedding on June last yer. Tak membazir namenyer okeyh!
Bentang the ‘saprah'which is the white kain before the guest that our carpet is not comot by the foods. 
Chop!can u see the green table at the back? It is snooker table just bought by my father. Quite funny to see it inside a house. 

Mi Bandung Muar! our main menu. Name pun org muar kan.Yummy! Sumpah it is very delicious! My mom yg masak. Sumpah again my mom pandai masak!

Our side dishes & dessert Looks menyelerakan right? Sume order je.
1)Satay wif nasi impit,kuah kacang&timun.
2)kueh putu ayu (may faveret), karipap & kauci
Jemput-jemput makan semua! My mom’s mi bandung sangat laku okey until tinggal kuah aje 
without the stuff inside like chicken & fish cake. for us.Isk3…
Okey, sempatla posing while waiting for the guest to finish the meal. 
My 1st & 2nd sis, Me & sepupu. Weeee!

P/S: A lot of other adat in Johor especially during wedding. So, for those who in planning to get married wif johorian, pls learn from now so that u wouldn’t get loose. Good suggestion from me right? Good luck!


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