Friday, 5 August 2011

HORROR moment!

This moment started with good, bad at the middle & ended with good...

Text message to syafa, "Jadi x pizza arini?"
Received reply, "Ak okey je. kul 5."

Everyone was happy to abscond from hospital area after 5pm to see the sun and to feel the hot.

Me asked, "Nak naek kete sape?"
Linda shout, "kete ak baru kene sagat.."
Me replied, "Alaa, xde ape2 punye la..okla, nek kete aku"

Order pizza --> Shoping at bazar --> Bert0lak from bazar --> STUCK!!!!!

We inside my car suddenly terhentak macam ter'hit' sumting outside mase nak kuar simpang. BLURRR! OMG, tayar depan kiri pecah after langgar the tembok tepi longkang. I didnt notice the tembok at all. But luckily kitorang tak terhumban dalam longkang yg agk besar tuuuu...Called my dad for help!!! My brother dtg so soon to change the tyre. WOw, so efficient & competent.

Ok, ape yg lbeh horror nyer adalah i'm oncall today!SHIT! Received call at 6pm from hospital asking to see two new patient admissions n now is almost 7pm. About 1 hour delay...Matilah aku...It's the time to call others again for help. Called two other colleuge to see that patient.Called Iqbal to pick four of us kat tengah2 bandar. Luckily, there understand what is TEAMWORK. Everyone help me...ALhamdulillah...

Reached at hospital at 7.30pm. Already time for berbuka. So sorry to everyone to make your day so terrible because of my careless!My oncall overnight is good. NOT BUSY AT ALL. CAN SLEEP WELL.

1.Make myself always available at hospital during oncall. No abscond anymore.
2.Dont cakap besar lagi! Think the worst to get the better thing.
3.More focus, careful, and pandulah dengan BERHEMAH
4.Dont malu2 to ask help when I really need it bcoz everyone alctually is always there for me.TEAMWORK!