Saturday, 18 June 2011

everyOne did mistakeS

  1. handle patient's blood without glooves
  2. giving NSAIDs to patient with gastric symptoms
  3. not enough analgesia to patient with pain
  4. continuing unnecessary medication
  5. not remembered the patient's story from A-Z
p/s: we all keep talking about one medical officer who always scold us for simple mistakes. It so radiculous!!!!

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Harini baru sempat hupdate belog event yang dah berkurun berlaku. Tak kire, nak cite gak...cecite..cecite..

1ST day (Monday,30 May 2011)
(1) Lapor diri at Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Johor, JB.

Jauh tuuu dari Muo ni,about 3 hours.. So, my frenzs & I decided to stay in JB the night before so dat kitorang tak lewat lapor diri. Residence Hotel which is near the bazaar JB jd pilihan kitorang. Moden seyh hotel tu. Kereta masuk lif utk ke car park. Kagum gile kitorang. Adekah tu biase2 je bagi korang? Adekah kitorang dikira jakon sangat? Haha.Dahlah murah je,RM 110 satu mlm. Room die pon selesa je. Overall, memuaskan & tidur sangat nyenyakkkk. Urusan kat JKN & KWSP sume okey, settle around 10.30 am. Yang penatnyer, kena gerak terus ke Muar utk lapor diri kat hosp plak on the same day. Burrrrr.

(2) Lapor diri at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah

Total of us MD (UKM)  yang ditempatkan kat hosp ni 14 orang. Kire ramai la tu. from 3pm-5pm juz isi form jek. Satu file kau form die. Mane tak smp 2 jam. Time sebok2 isi form, tetibe Pengarah hosp masuk; Dr Hj Pauzi. Looks kind & nice guy but…..tak kenal maka tak chenta. Just wait & see what will happen. 

The bad news is quarters for doctors were already full. So,  I have to change  my plan from wanna stay in quarters to stay at home. Actually, malas la nak drive for 30 mins  awal2 pagi. Tapi bile fikir2 balek, best jugak duk umah ni..macam2 adaaaa~ Tapi pity to others who were not muarian bcoz diorang terpakse carik umah sewa. Be strong my frenz~

2nd day (Tuesday, 31 May 2011)
Orientation day

(1) 9am-12.30 noon >> Infection Control Unit
Perghhh. Ngantuk gile dengar sister ni punyer ceramah. Tersengguk-sengguk kepale masing2. Haha. Wat malu UKM betoii...First, sister ni banyak cakap yang kadang2 aku rase tak perlu (slumber kutuk). Second, slide die banyak betol. Btw, diz is very important for new houseman bcoz  they remind us the basic knowledge even I am sure it already taught in all medical school such as HAND HYGIENE & OVERUSE ANTIBIOTICS

(2) 2.30pm-3.30pm>>Rekod Perubatan
They teach us how to document every single thing properly in the patient’s file. Trying to be familiar with all the forms and papers bcoz I will face it for 2 years here.  Even abes awal, still kene punch out 5pm.Grrrr!

3rd day  (Wed,1st June 2011)
FIRST day of tagging
Punch in at 6.59am. OMG, only 1min before 7am. Drive 120km/h on the road. Very dangerous!!! sampai2 je, blurr dunno what to do.learning to do all ward works as H.O. Punch out at 10 pm. Drive for 30 minutes to go back home. Take bath, solat isyak n sleep. This will be my life as tagger for 2 weeks time…EVERYDAY IS WORKING DAY INCLUDING PUBLIC HOLIDAY. WORKING TIME 7AM - 10PM

2nd day tagging onwards
I know already what to do. But diz coughing membantutkan mood aku btul! Cant sleep well, cant do work well. wearing face mask all the time.Plz God…