Friday, 5 August 2011

HORROR moment!

This moment started with good, bad at the middle & ended with good...

Text message to syafa, "Jadi x pizza arini?"
Received reply, "Ak okey je. kul 5."

Everyone was happy to abscond from hospital area after 5pm to see the sun and to feel the hot.

Me asked, "Nak naek kete sape?"
Linda shout, "kete ak baru kene sagat.."
Me replied, "Alaa, xde ape2 punye la..okla, nek kete aku"

Order pizza --> Shoping at bazar --> Bert0lak from bazar --> STUCK!!!!!

We inside my car suddenly terhentak macam ter'hit' sumting outside mase nak kuar simpang. BLURRR! OMG, tayar depan kiri pecah after langgar the tembok tepi longkang. I didnt notice the tembok at all. But luckily kitorang tak terhumban dalam longkang yg agk besar tuuuu...Called my dad for help!!! My brother dtg so soon to change the tyre. WOw, so efficient & competent.

Ok, ape yg lbeh horror nyer adalah i'm oncall today!SHIT! Received call at 6pm from hospital asking to see two new patient admissions n now is almost 7pm. About 1 hour delay...Matilah aku...It's the time to call others again for help. Called two other colleuge to see that patient.Called Iqbal to pick four of us kat tengah2 bandar. Luckily, there understand what is TEAMWORK. Everyone help me...ALhamdulillah...

Reached at hospital at 7.30pm. Already time for berbuka. So sorry to everyone to make your day so terrible because of my careless!My oncall overnight is good. NOT BUSY AT ALL. CAN SLEEP WELL.

1.Make myself always available at hospital during oncall. No abscond anymore.
2.Dont cakap besar lagi! Think the worst to get the better thing.
3.More focus, careful, and pandulah dengan BERHEMAH
4.Dont malu2 to ask help when I really need it bcoz everyone alctually is always there for me.TEAMWORK!

Sunday, 10 July 2011


  1. Acute appendicitis. Midline laparotomy at 2.30am
  2. Biliary colic
  3. Mesenteric adenitis TRO acute appendicitis
  4. Allerged mva with left 4th, 5th, 6th rib fracture
  5. Allerged mva with femur fracture
  6. Haematuria secondary to UTI with underlying BPH
  7. Allerged mva with cerebral concusion TRO intra-abdominal injury
  1. Allerged mva with pneumothorax. (yes.tak payah susah2 monitor die overnight)
  2. Allerged stabbed with laceration wound at right eyebrow, under alcohol influence. Refused all treatment includes suturing. (geram betol aku! da la budak melayu
  1. Allerged mva with stage 4 liver tear & IVC tear

Run for 5 pints whole blood to the above patient. Unluckily, the resuscitation which done intra-operatively failed. Blood pressure drop significantly and bradycardia. Finally, die........

Sleep well at 3.30 am. No calling from staffnurse anymore. Wakeup at 6am, take necessary blood & continue work as usual. Alhamdulillah~

Saturday, 18 June 2011

everyOne did mistakeS

  1. handle patient's blood without glooves
  2. giving NSAIDs to patient with gastric symptoms
  3. not enough analgesia to patient with pain
  4. continuing unnecessary medication
  5. not remembered the patient's story from A-Z
p/s: we all keep talking about one medical officer who always scold us for simple mistakes. It so radiculous!!!!

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Harini baru sempat hupdate belog event yang dah berkurun berlaku. Tak kire, nak cite gak...cecite..cecite..

1ST day (Monday,30 May 2011)
(1) Lapor diri at Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Johor, JB.

Jauh tuuu dari Muo ni,about 3 hours.. So, my frenzs & I decided to stay in JB the night before so dat kitorang tak lewat lapor diri. Residence Hotel which is near the bazaar JB jd pilihan kitorang. Moden seyh hotel tu. Kereta masuk lif utk ke car park. Kagum gile kitorang. Adekah tu biase2 je bagi korang? Adekah kitorang dikira jakon sangat? Haha.Dahlah murah je,RM 110 satu mlm. Room die pon selesa je. Overall, memuaskan & tidur sangat nyenyakkkk. Urusan kat JKN & KWSP sume okey, settle around 10.30 am. Yang penatnyer, kena gerak terus ke Muar utk lapor diri kat hosp plak on the same day. Burrrrr.

(2) Lapor diri at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah

Total of us MD (UKM)  yang ditempatkan kat hosp ni 14 orang. Kire ramai la tu. from 3pm-5pm juz isi form jek. Satu file kau form die. Mane tak smp 2 jam. Time sebok2 isi form, tetibe Pengarah hosp masuk; Dr Hj Pauzi. Looks kind & nice guy but…..tak kenal maka tak chenta. Just wait & see what will happen. 

The bad news is quarters for doctors were already full. So,  I have to change  my plan from wanna stay in quarters to stay at home. Actually, malas la nak drive for 30 mins  awal2 pagi. Tapi bile fikir2 balek, best jugak duk umah ni..macam2 adaaaa~ Tapi pity to others who were not muarian bcoz diorang terpakse carik umah sewa. Be strong my frenz~

2nd day (Tuesday, 31 May 2011)
Orientation day

(1) 9am-12.30 noon >> Infection Control Unit
Perghhh. Ngantuk gile dengar sister ni punyer ceramah. Tersengguk-sengguk kepale masing2. Haha. Wat malu UKM betoii...First, sister ni banyak cakap yang kadang2 aku rase tak perlu (slumber kutuk). Second, slide die banyak betol. Btw, diz is very important for new houseman bcoz  they remind us the basic knowledge even I am sure it already taught in all medical school such as HAND HYGIENE & OVERUSE ANTIBIOTICS

(2) 2.30pm-3.30pm>>Rekod Perubatan
They teach us how to document every single thing properly in the patient’s file. Trying to be familiar with all the forms and papers bcoz I will face it for 2 years here.  Even abes awal, still kene punch out 5pm.Grrrr!

3rd day  (Wed,1st June 2011)
FIRST day of tagging
Punch in at 6.59am. OMG, only 1min before 7am. Drive 120km/h on the road. Very dangerous!!! sampai2 je, blurr dunno what to do.learning to do all ward works as H.O. Punch out at 10 pm. Drive for 30 minutes to go back home. Take bath, solat isyak n sleep. This will be my life as tagger for 2 weeks time…EVERYDAY IS WORKING DAY INCLUDING PUBLIC HOLIDAY. WORKING TIME 7AM - 10PM

2nd day tagging onwards
I know already what to do. But diz coughing membantutkan mood aku btul! Cant sleep well, cant do work well. wearing face mask all the time.Plz God…

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Date: 24 – 27 May 2011
Venue: Straits Meridian Hotel, Malacca
Mule2 skali dapat nametag
1) Penginapan & makanan sepenuhnyer ditanggung oleh government.Senang cite, sume FREE!
Queen-sized bed. Bantal die tak empuk langsung!
Ruang tamu. Ade tv +astro & dapur+fridge. Not bad...

2) Makan 6x sehari. Lauk sampai 6-7 jenis; sotong, ikan,ayam,udang sume ade.Aiskrim free time lunch & hi-tea. stiap kali makan, msti ade sup2 yg sedap contohnye mushroom soup. selain tu dessert plak macam2 ade; buah tembikai+tembikai susu+betik+kek coklat yg sedap+rojak buah+bubur. Nasib bek induksi ni 4 hari jek.kalau tak, bole naek lg 5kg la berat aku…

Muke bahagia dpt makan sedap2

3) Program smp kul 10.30 pm jek. yeay! bole la gayut lame2 sket. okey,gediknyer ;P Slain tu, sempatla aku layan diari AF jap smp kul 12 mlm before tido.Tu adelah aktiviti wajib aku kat umah. bosan kan?

4) Kursus BTN dah dimansuhkan dalam kurus induksi for pegawai perubatan since diz year. Is it a good or bad news? Ni gara2 ramai yang complaint BTN tak best. Hahaha! Kecik ati org2 BTN taw...

5) Exposure yg beneficial before start housemanship eg; soft skills, panduan prescription medication & yang paling paling paling best adalah time kira-kira GAJI. Rase tak sabar sangat nak dapat 1st gaji =)

6) Good news bile dapat surat penempatan housemanship petang 1st day tu jugak.Alhamdulillah3...

Hosp Pakar Sultanah Fatimah Muar. My 1st choice in the list sbb paling dekat ngan femili =)

1) Toilet room aku takde paip kat bawah for istinjak. Gulppp! means aku kene gune gayung (or cebok) utk istinjak. Perlukah nak cite bende ni? Nak cite gak sebab macam kat kampung2 plak.Padahal hotel kottt

2) Ade topic ceramah yang zZzz...contohnyer pasal aset negara, pengurusan pejabat n bla bla bla...
Bile dah bosan,mulelah mencontengggg

3) My roomate was penghuluwati. Die asek makan dengan VIP jek & busy. So, die slalu balik bilik lambat & aku slalu kat bilik sorang2 =(

Time nak balik tuh, ramai betul peminat2 nak amek gamba bersama my mazda3. Bangganyerr! 

Nak sambung cite...
Lepas abes induksi ari jumaat tuh, keesokan harinye aku attend my frenz's wedding kat Kepong,KL. After about 6 years tak jumpe die, finally kite bertemu jua on your big day.

ILHAM & ZAKUAN. Comelnyerrr ko ilham...
Amek gamba sendiri pon jadila...
 Otw KL-Muar, tetibe diserang sorethroat. Sampai2 je umah, i got fever. OMG! isnin nak stat lapor diri dah..telan panadol Actifast 2 tablets 6hourly & have rest STAT!